Running isn’t easy; neither is developing the best running top in the universe. But for us, accepting mediocrity is just not something you do.

Aevok is built from one very simple idea: disrupt the running industry.

We were fed up with the cookie-cutter sameness of every athletic apparel company on the market, so we decided to do something about it. Gray shirt, blue shirt, black shirt, plain, boring, uninspiring. We were tired of vanilla because that is not who we are.

More than anything else, we wanted a shirt that fully expressed our inner badass. And our inner badass is most definitely NOT a gray shirt.

So we created a product that is designed to perfectly fit the body with bold graphics that truly express who we are. We put thousands of hours into researching, creating, sewing, designing, and running in our product and we know, there is nothing else like it out there.


We deliver active wear that blurs the aesthetic lines of sport, fashion and your favorite band shirt, taking the best elements of technical functionality, high-style designs and ultra-comfort from each category.

Why just shirts, then? Shorts, jackets, socks, bras – where’s everything else? Simply put, we wanted to do one thing really f#$king well. So we are currently focused on giving you the greatest top in the universe.



• to produce or suggest through artistry and imagination a vivid impression of reality.


We are Aevok. Run Obsessed.


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