Welcome to Aevok - your new favorite running lifestyle brand.

Aevok is built from one very simple idea: disrupt the running industry.  We were fed up with the cookie-cutter sameness of every athletic apparel company on the market, so we decided to do something about it.  Gray shirt, blue shirt, black shirt, boring, boring, boring.  We were tired of vanilla because that is not who we are.  More than anything else, we wanted a shirt that fully expressed our inner badass.  And our inner badass is most definitely NOT a gray shirt.

What is Aevok, you ask?  Simply put, the best running top in the universe.

Let's break it down - we love you but we aren't going to email you all the time.  When we do, it will be something we think you have to know.  It might be a new design we just created, maybe the best donut we've ever had, or some new run we just checked out.  

You know, stuff that matters.  

Other than that, if you need something or have a question, email us.  We answer every email we receive personally.  Because you are that important to us.  Reach us at roar@aevok.com.

Run Obsessed, 

Derick, Kate & Nicole