this blog is for you. SUPeeing

Have you ever envied, even for a second, the fact that our male counterparts can pee while standing? Especially during a long run when getting down into a squat position is just NOT happening? Well, we are here to tell you that, with these four tips, you, too, can enjoy what, heretofore, was the privilege of our joystick-wielding brethren. You’re welcome. 


  • Proper attire is key. For this to work, you MUST wear shorts or a running skirt.  It will not work with tights, so leave the Lulus in the drawer. Some may disagree, but to even attempt this while wearing tights means you need to completely bare your booty to the world. If you are comfortable doing so, get down with your bad self! Bare away!

      • Scout the location. Take some time to find the proper surface. Softer dirt or sand is ideal as it will absorb. Granite or rocks, not so awesome for the splashing. But, at the end of the day, it’s pee.  If you splash yourself, get over it and move on. It will dry!

        • Assume the position. While pulling the center area of your shorts or inner skirt panel to one side, spread your legs wider (that’s what she said) then you normally would. If needed, brace yourself with the other arm so you don’t lose your balance. No falling into your pee!

        • PUSH it out. You know when you've been holding it for, like, ever, on a super long car ride and you reeeeeaaally have to go and when you finally reach porcelain heaven you just push that pee out fast in search of sweet relief? Yah, do that. Put a little muscle into it, to avoid the drip down the leg. Most likely you are not carrying anything to wipe with, so once you are done, give a little hip wiggle or some quick jumps to shake off the excess. Back to your run!


        Give it a whirl on your next trail run. (We specify trail, but if you are on a road run, have a sheltered spot and feel the call to stand tall – go to it, sister!) However, as always, respect mother earth and always abide by the rules, especially when going more than pee!



        Run Obsessed!